Body Health Massage offers a range of services including Sports/Deep tissue massage, Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish/Relaxation Massage. However, we have developed our own style and techniques that combine a range of these services in order to gain the most effect for the client and their needs. We incorporate all forms of massage techniques during a session to ensure the client walks out feeling as though the muscles have been addressed accordingly as well as feeling relaxed and at ease. Through the use of massage techniques, stretches, exercises and other tools we look at the client’s needs and injuries and work with them to get them back to full health and maintain a better way of life.


Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong. It looks at treating the body as a whole and the possible causes for the discomfort, in the aid of healing both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms. It uses several specialised techniques to repair any damage and to speed up the body's own repair mechanisms.


Sports massage is a type of massage that is specifically tailored to sporting injuries or ailments. It is a deeper form of massage that can become quite vigorous at times. It is of benefit to anyone that exercises and is designed to prevent and relieve injuries and conditions that are associated with exercise, even if it is only mild exercise such as regular walking. It assists in relieving and reducing the stress and tension that can build up within the body’s soft tissues and can be carried out before, during or after playing sport or exercising. It increases endurance and performance as well as minimising the risk of any injury.


Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It is designed to reach the deep sections of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibres. Using Deep Tissue Massage along the grain of the muscle assists in unsticking the fibres of the muscles and releases both toxins and deeply held tension points. It helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.


Pregnancy Massage uses a combination of Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques to assist with the tensions and pains experienced during pregnancy. These are often caused by the extra weight and shift in the centre of gravity. There are many physical and emotional benefits to Pregnancy Massage such as: reducing peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, helps to prevent insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain.

Care must be taken during the first trimester but Pregnancy Massage is beneficial throughout the whole pregnancy. Regular massage throughout the pregnancy is also said to shorten labour time and the return to optimal fitness after birth.


Swedish Massage is a system of long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration and shaking motions that apply pressure between muscles and bones, working in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart. The main purpose of Swedish Massage is to increase the oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. It reduces stress, both emotional and physical, and is suggested as part of a regular program for stress management.


Body Health Massage covers all Private Health fund Rebates.